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Architecture Design

We provide all your architectural designing needs, concept designing, initial planning, 2D and 3D drawings, walk-through videos and visual presentations and a-Z architectural services. Architectural Drawing Kegalle

Architectural Services

When designing a house, building or a structure, there are a number of things to concern about. The location, geographic and climatic factors and the environment must be inspected well enough even before designing the initial plan to avoid any natural obstetrical and future disasters in the first place. Architectural Drawing Kegalle

The client’s interest is the second most important thing. Factors such as the family, religion and cultural background, occupation, client’s daily working schedules and even their hobbies and interests must be concerned strongly when creating the layout of the project design.

Our priority is to provide the best suitable designs which satisfies the client’s social life, occupational and business life, education, environment, cultural background and their personal interests.


For a client with a fascination of sky, the house design should allow him to fulfill his interests as much as all the other requirements are fulfilled. Architectural Drawing Kegalle

For a client working hard all the day time, the house should provide him a relaxing, calm and peaceful environment with the design to comfort his late hours of the day.

How it's done

The project is done by several phases. We always work to get the best idea from the client and design the project according to clients needs with the proper architectural methods and techniques.

We are much concern about the client’s interests, wasthu, cultural and religious practices since the final project must be comply with the client’s imaginations. We work accordingly to get the best possible designs, ideas, purposes and requirements from the client to make the designing success.

We work with highly skilled professional staff and use the state of the art technologies to provide the best solutions for your needs. It’s just a matter of contacting us for your next project.

Our Architecture related services

Initial site and location inspection for the information required for the proposed project.

Designing and drawing the concepts of the clients requirements with architectural base.

The basic planning and collecting information for the proposed project according to the clients requirements and purpose.

Designing the project with 2D and 3D plans for the construction and approval.

Designing the interior, furniture, exterior and landscaping for the project.