Designing Imaginations to Reality.
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House Designers in Kegalle INTERNATIONAL STANDARD SERVICES Draft Mech - Designing Solutions OUR SERVICES Architecture, Mechanical Designing and Drawing House Designers in Kegalle FOR AN EXTRAORDINARY CONCEPTS & DESIGNS Designing Your Dreams We provide all in one architectural and mechanical concepts, designs, drawings, engineering drawings and all your required architectural consultation services. OUR SERVICES CONTACT US House Designers in Kegalle IT'S YOUR BEST CHOICE For Mechanical Drawings OUR SERVICES With the latest technology and knowledge House Designers in Kegalle IT'S ART AND SCIENCE COMBINED Make It Extraordinary We help you to get the best out of your ideas in to reality and it's always a happy journey with the accomplishment you made at the end. OUR PROJECTS CONTACT US

Who we are

A Company with an Insight!.

Draft Mech
Designing Imaginations to Reality.

Draft Mech is a Sri Lankan architectural and mechanical designing company serving a vast range of services including concept designing, architectural designing, 2D and 3D drawing, mechanical drawing, estimation, quantity surveying and all the required consultation services. We provide our professional designing services in every scale of construction and engineering projects for both local and oversees. House Designers in Kegalle

All types of house and building designing, floor planning, structures, business buildings, indoor and outdoor designing services with latest and unique concepts and designs.

Mechanical drawings, engineering drawings, machine parts, spare parts, new machinery and equipment parts drawing for molding, manufacturing and approval purposes with proper dimensions.

We provide the best and the latest designing methods for floor planing to maximize the land usage, efficiency and the best appropriate design according to the land while minimizing the project cost.

We provide consultation and necessary guidance for your housing, building construction, engineering and all types of architectural, estimation and quantity surveying needs.

What we do

Our Range of Services

Architecture Designing

All types of initial planning, rough sketches, architectural designing, 2D, 3D drawings, walk-through videos and all your architectural designing needs.

Mechanical Drawing

Mechanical parts, spare parts, new concept designing, 2D and 3D drawings, precise drawings for mechanical and laser cutting and all your engineering drawing needs.

Estimation and QS

Initial rough estimations, planning and estimation, quantity surveying, BOQs, documentation and consultation for construction related estimation services.

Draft Mech

Designing Imaginations to Reality!.

New inspirations are the key drivers of the future.
It’s your time to take the lead with your imaginations and dreams.
Join us… to make them real!..


Home and Living
House & Residential Designing
Single story, multi story, box type, classic and all types of house designing.
Business Premises
Buildings & Structures
business complexes, institutions and all types of buildings and structures.
Mechanical Diagrams
Mechanical Drawings
Mechanical parts, new concepts and all types of engineering drawings.
Budget & Finance
Estimation of Projects
Estimation and BOQs for houses, buildings and all types of construction projects.
Construction Projects
Quantity Surveying
Professional and qualified quantity surveying all kinds of construction projects.
Knowledge and Expertise
Architecture Consultation
Consultation services and required guidance for your construction projects. House Designers in Kegalle